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Welcome to ABB, the import-export company specializing in the sale of quality, authentic and exceptional products from reputable producers.

Our mission is to introduce our French and European customers to foreign specialties to discover, but also to promote the products that make the reputation of Alsace and in France beyond our borders.

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Import-export Commercial agents and / or dealers for import-export activities to and from Alsace Help with the creation of companies in Alsace and the international development of Alsatian companies and Alsatian companies abroad

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Tangible results


French products

Alsace wines,

Champagnes and crémants,

Wines from Bordeaux, Bourgognne, Languedoc…


Confectionery, etc.



Foreign products

Moldovan wines,

Moldovan nut oils,

Dried fruit, etc.

Contact us

5, rue de l’Hermine
67205 Oberhausbergen
Alsace, France


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